Way to Help the Planet by Taking Care of Yourself

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Environmentally friendly is the new black, which means that we protect the planet, and the planet protects us on the contrary. During school and college courses you learned about ecology problems in a global way. Today, more than 700 million people live in a daily shortage of drinking water, and only in ten years this number promises to grow up to 3 billion. This is not only due to the population growth, but also because of the rapid decrease of water resources and climate change, which is partly provoked by the humanity itself. The solution in the ecological way of life but if you do not want to change your life, here are some tips how to help the planet by taking care of yourself.

Green Mode ON

Just by turning off the water in time we prolong the life of the world’s population. The importance of sorting waste should be learned by each and every one. The unnecessary copies can turn into new school notebooks, and a plastic bottle will not lie on the ground for a hundred years and will go to processing. Someone sees sense in giving up meat, someone watching the power consumption, and others are interested in planting trees. The sense of these steps is clear in perspective: everyone wants to breathe the clean air, to have a plenty of water and eat healthy food. Although, in order to start taking care of the environment, there is even more obvious motivation – the ability to look and feel better after only a week or a month of the “green mode.”

Start Cycling

The whole world is turning to the bikes for a reason. According to Spanish scientists, 225 thousand people die from the diseases caused by exhaust gasses annually. In the big cities with population more than a few million, situation is really bad: 70-80% of the total emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere is the road transport pollution, so the city bikes can be the salvation for our lungs. A half of all journeys by car and ground public transport are made at a distance of less than 5 kilometers, which a person in good physical condition and without luggage easily can overcome by bike or on foot. An hour of cycling at an average rate can burn more than 200 calories, and regular races will significantly strengthen the pelvic muscles, thighs and calves. In Western European countries bicycle rental is developed at the municipal level.

Buy Fair-trade Products

Tea, natural oils and spices, dark chocolate, peanut butter – these products have become an important part of the meal for the majority of a healthy diet fans. Typically, the raw material for them is grown in developing countries and is exported to developed countries. In addition, market prices do not reflect the true cost of production, which should also include environmental and social components.

The international social movement the Fairtrade offers an alternative trading system of “ethical” products in the best possible conditions for producers and workers in developing countries. Ecological products are grown on farms in relatively small numbers, that allows farmers to monitor the quality of the crop. In this case, the intervention into the local ecosystems is minimal, and the use of chemical fertilizers is very limited. Buying green tea, coconut oil, or bananas with a mark of “fair trade,” you support not only the economies of developing countries, but also your health.

Use Natural Cleansers

Last December Barack Obama signed the ban on the manufacture of cosmetic products with plastic microbeads, which caused a lively discussion in the media and social networks. Only in the New York State about 19 tons of micro granules are washed away in the drains each year. The tiny particles that are contained in the shower gels, scrubs and toothpaste, penetrate through the filters and water treatment plants and absorb toxic chemical pollution. Then they are mistakenly accepted as food by aquatic organisms. Many of the leading manufacturers of hygienic cosmetics like Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Colgate has pledged to eliminate the products with plastic granules.

Many of us can choose a soap or shower gel for a couple of hours, but we do not think a lot before grabbing a first available cheap dishwashing detergent from the supermarket shelf. Its composition also should be treated carefully: a lot of them contain oils like butylene, propylene, phenols esters, and phosphates or dyes. Often, even the cleaners that claimed to be eco-friendly may contain Methylisothiazolinone which is toxic and able to cause an allergic reaction in regular contact. Even if you choose eco-friendly dishwashing detergent, use rubber gloves in order to protect skin.

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Save Energy in the Evening

Energy today is produced mostly by burning coal, oil and gas. Thus, there is a release of the toxic substances increasing different diseases, including cancer. Burning of fossil fuels in energy production is one of the main carbon dioxide emission sources, which is a key factor for the greenhouse effect and causes global climate change. In order to preserve life on Earth everyone must save energy in an obligatory way, and special attention should be paid to the moderate the usage of light in the evening.

The evening energy savings will immediately bring benefit to your health. The scientists recommend to prepare for sleep with subdued light and go to sleep in complete darkness. In the evening, try to use zoned lighting, and mute the brightness of the screen on electronic devices. When you go to sleep, do not forget to turn off the light in the next room and save yourself from the flashing battery chargers or adapters. A strong long sleep is a key to a good skin tone and a good health. Of course, if you are a student, this mission sounds impossible. In case of writing essays or projects, you may sacrifice your sleep, but if you are just procrastinating in Facebook, then turn off the lights and go to bed. Also, energy savings will pleasantly reflect your energy bills.

Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

We all know the benefits of seasonal vegetables and fruits from the childhood, but there is another important point. The honest farmers tend to grow them in the most natural conditions – in the garden with usage of the minimum amount of chemical fertilizers. Artificial lighting, heating, and special preparations accelerate the ripening of the greenhouse vegetables, but they do not allow the crop to grow naturally and acquire the rich taste.

Pay attention to local grocery stores. Imported fruits and vegetables are treated with various preservatives for the long-term storage. In order to make them more attractive, fruits are covered with wax containing morpholine. It is a substance that is used in the systems of nuclear reactors and the production of antibiotics. By limiting the eating of non-seasonal fruits and vegetables, you will lower the demand for use groceries that is far from healthy.

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