Healthy Snack Ideas for Any Trip: How to Stay Healthy ‘On the Go’

Healthy Eating

This topic is for those who have ‘built up’ a nice, healthy nutritional base in their everyday life at home.  You usually don’t have any problems with food consumption, especially if your lifestyle is not hectic. You eat regularly, you eat healthy food, you pay attention to portion sizes, you just eat properly and take care of your organism. But traveling is a completely different lifestyle. Tourists face a different environment, a different rhythm of the day, other activities, no well-stocked fridge in their rooms. They have hardly any possibilities for cooking… There are no longer the same products to buy even in the supermarket.

How can we still manage to maintain our preferred diet while on vacation? How can we eat healthy food every day?

We have an experience of a one-month rest in Hawaii, and we know how to give good answers to these questions. We got into the fast-food-trap on our California vacation last year. But our visit to Hawaii this year has changed our attitude towards a balanced diet. We had a lot better nourishment in Hawaii and learned a lot about the human body. We would like to share our best tips on staying healthy ‘on the go.’

Number 1: Discover the Possibilities… Even During the Trip

There is really something in the IKEA motto. You know the unhealthy food is not the only thing which awaits us on vacation. You should see your trip in a positive manner: we would say that every holiday will provide healthy food and different dining options that no one can offer you at home! In Hawaii, we could pick fresh, exotic fruit from the trees; there were everyday markets in Mallorca where tourists could try nuts and fruits of all types. We could grab a bite at vegan restaurants or pubs during the trip to Berlin or Barcelona. We want to point out that restaurants cook meals that suit all tastes. Before we go on trips, we study not only the tourist attractions in guidebooks but also inform ourselves extensively about the local specialties and restaurant menu.

Number 2: Plan Your Snack Stops in Advance

Bus Stop

Despite many trips make your daily routine uncertain, especially when you’re traveling a lot, you should start thinking about how your day will go by and when to schedule your meal right in the morning. We mostly had breakfast and small snacks in Hawaii. Then we thought about whether we would like to have a great picnic lunch somewhere in the countryside or whether we would rather just grab a bite and have dinner in the evening. That scheme worked very well! We think there is nothing worse than being on the road all day, not having the smallest sandwich or fruit in your bag. It’s better to save money on really luxurious dinner somewhere in the restaurant. Try to ‘tame’ your hunger.

Number 3: Listen to Your Feeling of Hunger

It is not such a negative thing that the entire daily rhythm is interrupted on holiday. So, you also give your body the chance to get rid of old superfluous habits. Is the latte with extra cream really necessary at half past eleven in the morning? And what about Ferrero sweets at work to stimulate your brain? Do you really need it or not? We have the feeling that we have learned a little more about trusting our own hunger in Hawaii. The body does not always need something when the clock hits 12:00 noon. We sometimes eat a lot in the evening, even though we actually only wanted a plate of salad. Sometimes we can plan our snacks so well. But actually, our tummy knows a lot better. That was a beautiful experience of healthy eating!

Number 4: Drink Water More Than Usual

We read in one article that people spend most of their holidays in much warmer climates. And more heat means more drink! Unfortunately, our habit of drinking water is getting out of hand with the change in the daily routine. The fact that we’re drinking too little water on vacation is true! We should take 2-3 liters of water or unsweetened tea daily. You should consume large quantities of water in case you`re involved in sports activities, including walking. We noticed how much water our bodies need at the beginning of the Hawaii vacation. The heat was simply unfamiliar to us. In addition, the long flight and the air conditioning deprive our body of water storage. So, we were more thirsty than at home. The first days we took a 1-liter bottle of water for our day trips! Much too little! At some point, we decided to buy a 5-liter canister of water and put it in the trunk. In addition, we were drinking a lot of cocktails and coconut water almost every day.

Sufficient drinking is not only better for our fluid balance, it also positively affects our eating habits.  Many of us can no longer distinguish their thirst from the feeling of hunger and interpret the body signals. As a result, we try to fill our stomach and eat more than we need (but drink too little).

Number 5: Snacks, Snacks, and Snacks


One of the most important lessons we learned about food in Hawaii is the importance of having small and healthy snacks for the day. We always had something to eat. Fresh fruit, nut mix, dried berries, muesli bars (without sugar), fruit slices… With this stock of food, we were able to successfully resist almost every fast-food-temptation and satisfy our feeling of hunger in a healthy manner. In fact, it was actually quite consciously when we ate fast food because we needed something quick to eat.

Variants of Quick Snacks

  • Tip1: Bananas

Banana is the classic snack for any tourist. As you know, bananas contain a lot of carbohydrates and are super healthy.

  • Tip 2: Mini Sausages

Little sausages do not only taste great but also are quickly consumed while driving. There are soy sausages for vegetarians.

  • Tip 3: Cucumber Slices

Cucumbers are an ideal snack with thirst quenching effect when it is too hot.

  • Tip 4: Blueberries

Blueberries are recommended not only for smaller children but also for adults. The little blue vitamin bombs can be eaten while driving a car. The fun begins even before the holiday!

  • Tip 5: Apple Slices

Buy sweet as possible apples, peel them, remove seeds, and make small pieces of them. This product has lots of vitamins and can be eaten without little fuss in the car.

  • Tip 6: Butter Sandwich

Butter sandwiches are classic for the long journey. Smear some butter or margarine and enjoy your snack. It’s quite possible to create your own recipe for sandwiches. As for Carl, he likes sandwiches with Nutella. Delicious and nutritious snack!

  • Tip 7: Organic Bars Without Chocolate

You should not be skeptical about this snack as there are very delicious organic bars that are healthy, delicious and eager to be eaten by almost every child.

  • Tip 8: A Bottle of Water

A bottle of water is something you wouldn’t survive without during your journey. Oh, maybe, prepare a 5-liter canister to feel comfortable for sure.

Safely packed and fresh snacks are above all. They are much healthier, cheaper, and tastier than products in stores. Basically, it’s best to travel funny and tasty. Vacation trips can really make you hungry! Greasy food can put a strain on the stomach and slow down the circulation. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables are great variant! These give energy and keep you fit on long journeys.

We hope that you are better prepared for your next vacation now. Traveling is not as difficult as you often think. Of course, self-discipline is needed as well, but once you’ve discovered the healthy options your particular destination offers you, then almost nothing can go wrong.

Travel with your belly full!

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