Green Lifestyle: What Is It and How to Lead It

Kids Growing Plants

Every generation thinks of what it will leave to their descendants. Polluted air, cemeteries and garbage waste are not the most coveted gifts that the children want to get from their parents. An eco-friendly lifestyle is not a whim and not a fad, but a necessary condition of human existence on the planet. Students age is the most suitable to grasp some basic things about our planet. It is the time when you are open-minded, you have the will to change the world! Remember, that your impulsive initiative may grow into something bigger. Future of our planet is in the hands of modern youth. Skeptics may agree with the opinion of scientists that global warming cannot be stopped, and all the attempts to follow the ecological lifestyles are useless. Instead of arguing that humanity is doomed, and will not be able to prevent ecological disaster, you can do some steps to make your life and everything around you better!

First Small Step

Most people believe that leading an eco-friendly way of life is difficult, expensive and energy consuming. Here are some steps that which clearly proves that make life in an environmentally friendly is much easier than it might seem from the outside. If you are still far from the environment but keen to reduce your own negative personal impact on the environment, you should start with small steps. Change disposable bags and containers to reusable eco-bags and mugs. Let us talk numbers. Only one family spends about 100 plastic bags per half of the year. The usage of this bag is typically less than 17 minutes but the period of the decomposition in the ground is from 100 to 200 years. Not less harmful are supposedly eco-friendly paper bags, because of a huge amount of forest resources that are needed to produce paper bags. Cotton eco-bags are designed for a longer term of use, they do not take much space in your purse or briefcase, and designers start to make them aesthetically pleasing and stylish.

Reusable Plastic Bottles

Reusable bottles and mugs, as well as eco-bags, save both your personal and natural resources. Take a bottle of water to drink out of the house. When feeling thirsty, people often buy a bottle of water on the road, thus, increasing the number of unnecessary plastic packaging. Take water to the college from home in reusable bottles: it is possible to take the usual plastic one or buy a sports bottle. There are stylish options like My bottle and A5 one. Yes, you may think that My bottle is just a stupid trend but it is a way both to look cool and help our environment.

Give Away Your Old Things

The next step to the green lifestyle should be the second life of things. Each year, about 120 million active mobile phones are thrown into the trash just because their owners are bored or a new iPhone model has broken the market. You can completely circle the globe with all these gadgets. It is much better to give away things that you do not need anymore.


Car Sharing Is Fun

It is desirable to change your approach and to transport. The road transport pollution is 70-80% of the total amount of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.  It is reasonable to use public transport or private, such as scooters and bicycles. If you have an urgent need in the car, use it on a “car sharing” principle: cooperate with friends, college mates or neighbors. This way is not only more environmentally friendly by reducing the number of cars on the roads, but also more fun. When buying a car, give preference to the hybrid and electric cars that are gaining popularity nowadays.

Natural Cleaners

Another point is the usage of the natural cleaners. Each year about 300 thousand tons of phosphates enter the country ponds. Polluted rivers and lakes are rapidly turning into the swamps. Some traditional folk solutions can become an adequate replacement for the “toxic” household chemicals: mustard powder for washing dishes, baking soda and vinegar for cleaning all the surfaces. Well-known cosmetics and care products can be no less harmful to humans and the environment. Therefore, homemade shampoo can be used as an alternative to the professional one, or you may safely replace it by natural cosmetics and environmentally ethical brands on the market.

Recycle Mark

Eco-Friendly Supplies

You can make your home eco-friendly too. For example, by buying a sprayer faucet, appliances with high energy efficiency class (the highest of them is A +++) or observance of simple rules like “turning off the lights in the room before leaving” or “do not leave the already charged phone in the socket.” Thus, 100 liters of water is lost every week due to a faulty dripping tap. Also, it is much better to replace light bulbs with energy-saving LEDs. You also can make your college days more ecological. For example, you may use the certified paper and eco-friendly supplies that are either made from recycled materials or made up of parts that can be replaced.

Think of Responsibility

It is equally important to understand your environmental rights, by which we mean not just a knowledge of the law, but also not ignoring the world problems: you may detect violations of environmental legislation, including, for example, the excessive use of reagents or illegal dumping. Phased introduction of all the simple steps will make your life as much ecological as possible, and that would be useful not only for nature but also for you.

  • Special attention is given to the outerwear. Production of fur coats has the worst impact on 17 of the 18 environmental indicators, such as climate change, water logging of soils and toxic emissions. However, artificial fur substitutes serve not worse than these warm coats when it is cold outside.
  • Principles of sustainability can be followed while choosing a pet. As it is told, you find friends, not buy them. Therefore, the main rule is quite simple: do not buy a pet, and take it from shelters or from the street. You will both find a true friend and maybe save someone life.
  • Also, all kinds of festivals and celebrations are causing harm to the environment. Sky lanterns are not only the cause of a large fire, but simply pollute the environment as well as a huge bunch of balloons or a pile of disposable tableware. In some countries, sky lanterns are banned in order to save wooden areas.

In our next article, you will discover how to help the planet starting from yourself.

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