Where to Go on Holiday: Ideas for Every Season

Holiday Time

The world is big and the possibilities are unlimited. It can be a challenge to decide where to go.  We will help you find the most suitable holiday destinations.

The crucial question is: what do you want and what do you need? Your ideal travel destination will be chosen depending on whether you invest your free time in adventures and new cultures or you just want to relax and be lazy. Or maybe you even want everything? In any case, you should know what you really dream about before you organize optimally your vacation.

Wondering where to go on vacation? The key question is: what do you need?

Nature Spectacles

If you want to be fascinated by the marvelous natural spectacles of this world, you have a captivating solution.

Spectacular landscapes with volcanoes, glaciers, and waterfalls can be found in Scandinavia, especially in beautiful Iceland. Rent a car and race around the island – one and a half weeks are definitely enough.

Lonely deserts, such as the Sahara, can be explored on the backs of dromedaries. There are even hotels in the middle of the desert, in Morocco, in Dubai, South Africa or Abu Dhabi. Of course, the wallet plays a crucial role here. Do you look for the perfect relaxation with your soul mate? Make your own choice between romantic lakes and forests in Finland.

Unique mountain and rock formations can be admired, for example, in Southeast Asia, in the Vietnamese Tam Coc National Park or Halong Bay. Exciting mountains can be found in the Canadian Banff National Park. But Ireland also shines with stunning karst formations and mountainous landscapes. If you decide to stay in Germany, then you will be offered fascinating views and hiking tours to the Harz and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

Glorious rainforests are found in Colombia’s Amazon region. Here is the largest contiguous rainforest area on earth. Depending on where you go, you can explore the surrounding area in hiking tours, horseback riding, climbing or even skiing.

Are You Active Holidaymakers Who Like Canyoning?


Are you a mobile type of person who cannot imagine his or her life without the sport? Do you want to conquer waterfalls and fast-moving waters? Then you do not have to drive far: there are numerous providers for both canyoning and rafting in Germany.

What about a horse-riding holiday? Ranchers across the globe have specialized in guiding vacationers (even beginners) on horseback following various trails through the countryside of their homeland or along the beach. Try diving that opens up impressive underwater worlds.

Other activities that you can try out on holiday are scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports.  You will find the best diving areas in the Red Sea, but also in the Mediterranean, in the Maldives, in Indonesia or Micronesia in the Pacific, in Carriacou and the Galapagos Islands.

Numerous destinations are also available for water sports, such as sailing or surfing, for example, the North Sea and the Baltic, Fuerteventura, Lake Garda, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, as well as remote locations in the Atlantic or Pacific. You may have the benefit of an all-inclusive program or enjoy your vacation with your own individual program. Of course, it depends on your budget and your individual climate preferences.

Adventure and Foreign Cultures


If you are the explorer and open-minded, this world is yours!

You can get to know many foreign cultures away from home. Think about what culture interests you most. For example, the Asian culture has an exotic effect on us: Vietnam, with its rice farmers and fishermen, is a wonderful destination that welcomes guests as well as offers unique landscapes and cities. Vietnam is a safe and cheap travel destination.

With an individually planned trip, you can even implement several wishes. Elements of active holidays can be integrated very well: for example, canyoning in Dalat can be reconciled with hiking in the mountains in the north and surfing in the South China Sea. You can easily learn about foreign culture in the urban bustle.

Pure Relaxation

You want to take care of absolutely nothing, neither before vacation nor on the spot, don’t you?  You just want to retire on the beach, get a suntan, and raise your arm only if someone gives you the Pina Colada or massages the shoulder. Then you need to relax in the luxury spa. Corresponding offers are available worldwide – the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Egypt, Cyprus, the Dominican Republic, Mexico or Cuba as well as the Caribbean or the USA.

Best Travel Destinations for Every Season

Each season has its charm, but not every holiday destination is optimal for each holiday season.  Here we have an overview of the best destinations for you.

  • January Holiday Destinations: January offers a family ski holiday in Bavaria, Austria or Switzerland. Where is it warm in January? South Africa or Thailand and Laos in Asia are far away destinations. Also, you have ‘festive’ weather in the Caribbean in the first quarter of the year.
  • February Holiday Destinations: February is good for a short trip to the mountains for skiing. Do you search for the sun? Mexico and the Dominican Republic are optimal destinations for those who would like to feel the sunshine in the winter.
  • March Holiday Destinations: If you do not want to fly so far, but still want sun on your family vacation, then Spain is a good choice. The water temperatures are still low, but the daytime temperatures climb to 23-36 degrees.
  • April Holiday Destinations: The Easter holidays are often such a wonderful thing! It is still quite cold and the grass is just beginning to head out in Europe. Bali and also large parts of Sri Lanka (remote destinations in Asia) are becoming more and more fashionable with families.
  • May Holiday Destinations: If you really want to ‘take a bath’ in your family holiday in May, then fly a little further: Seychelles and Mauritius are warm all year round and perfect for a holiday with toddlers. However, hiking in Austria, Germany or northern Italy is a super close alternative in May.
  • June Holiday Destinations: June stands for sun, swimming, beach, and sea. However, you should book hotels on time (and we mean one year in advance). The north of Australia, the USA or Toronto are far-travel destinations. However, consider the hurricane season in the South of the US, which runs from June to November.
  • July Holiday Destinations: You do not have to be afraid of frost even in the northern climates. Sweden attracts families with the Bullerbü romance.
  • August Holiday Destinations: August is the main travel time for many families. Popular holiday regions like to double their prices. We recommend visiting the beautiful regions of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand just to spend the last summer month with pleasure and not regret it!
  • September Holiday Destinations: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza are perfect holiday destinations in September. The holidays are over in many states and the islands are empty. That’s why everything is cheaper. The sea is often warm enough for swimming. For example, city trips to Barcelona or Lisbon are also nice in the fall.
  • October Holiday Destinations: There are wonderful hiking destinations for family holidays in October, for example, in the Austrian Tyrol, in Italy’s South Tyrol, Bavaria or in the Swiss Engadine.
  • November Holiday Destinations: November is more severe in Europe. Many regions offer adverse weather conditions instead of hiking. However, Cyprus and Sardinia are beautiful seaside holiday destinations in this month.
  • December Holiday Destinations: Our tip is just to get away from the pre-Christmas stress and go on a skiing holiday just before Christmas. The hotels are often empty at this time and offer their clients discounts on accommodation.

Your holiday depends on your wallet, the desired program, and any regional preferences. And it is important that the destination allows you to make compromises, especially when you are traveling in pairs. Whatever destination you choose to visit, we wish you a brightening and enjoyable journey!

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