An Essay On Global Environmental Problems: Ideas to Cover

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Nowadays, the problem of human’s relationship with nature attracts a lot of attention. There are important reasons for this. The unprecedented increase raised to a qualitatively new level of human possibilities of scientific and technical capacity to transform the surrounding natural environment. Now humanity discovers new unusual perspectives. At the same time more alarming symptoms of the danger appear in the relations of human and his habitat. This all threatens the existence of the planet and the human race. We all need to start with small steps like being the responsible customer or leading an eco-friendly way of life to fight many global problems. This topic is one of the most relevant mostly anytime. You may write an essay on the whole situation or devote it to the one certain problem. Here you can find some ideas to cover.

Global Problems

Technological progress gives humanity a number of new highly complex issues which we have not faced at all. Among them, a special place is taken by the relationship between human and nature. In XX century the nature problems were induced by 4-fold increase of population and 18-fold increase of world production. Scientists say that around 1960 changes by human activity become global. There are a lot of different issues that you can name: pollutions of all types, shortage of fresh water and food, holes in the ozone layer, etc. In your essay, you may think in details of why does they appeared and what is the reason for them to turn global.

Nuclear War

This is the topic that may really affect our future. You may devote the essay to the problem of the weapon race. One of the global and terrifying problems is the problem of prevention of global thermonuclear war. It is believed that the global usage of nuclear weapons can erase the humanity at all. The method of computer modeling showed that if a nuclear conflict has arisen with using only a small part of the deadly potential of nuclear weapons and hydrogen bombs, the world will face the concept of “nuclear winter” or “nuclear night.” The radiation, explosion, and fire in the air get a huge amount of dust particles, which drastically reduce the sunlight on the Earth’s surface and reduce the temperature of the air to a level of absolute zero. This will make the existence of human and other flora and fauna impossible. It is shocking but the number of countries that acquire the nuclear weapons is steadily increasing, and thus the world tensions can cause a thermonuclear war.

Toxic Waste

Another reason for environmental degradation is pollution by industrial and non-human activity. These wastes are divided into solid, liquid and gaseous. Currently, in the average about 20 million kilos of raw materials is produced per inhabitant of the Earth annually. However, 50 cubic kilometers of fossil species extracted from the depths featuring the usage a 2500 W power capacity and 800 tons of water are converted only into 2 tons of finished product, and 50% of which is ejected immediately. Liquid waste contaminates the hydrosphere primarily. Thus, the biggest polluters are wasted water from factories and oil. The total amount of wastewater at the beginning 21 century was about 1860 cubic kilometers. Due to the studies, Asia, North America and Europe discharge about 90% of the world wasted water. Approximately more than 1.3 billion people use only contaminated water in everyday life, and 2.5 billion are experiencing a chronic shortage of fresh water. Such situation is a cause for many epidemics. Fishing opportunities are reduced due to the pollution of rivers and seas.

Poisoned Air

We have the most alarming situation with dust and gaseous waste pollutions. These emissions are directly related to the mining, construction and other earthworks. The half of the total emissions falls on developed Western countries, including the United States with 120 million tons. Every year, the Earth emits about 60 million tons of solid particles, which contribute to smog formation and reduce the transparency of the atmosphere. The most dangerous aspect of the ecological crisis is the impact on the lower layers of the atmosphere with greenhouse gasses. The international community has decided to reduce toxic emissions to 50% by the middle of the 21 century. In order to achieve such number, the governments of the developed countries have created relevant laws and regulations. For example, a special tax on carbon dioxide emissions.

Polluted River

Poor Management of Resources

Deforestation and depletion of land resources can be an example of the environment degradation which is caused by poor environmental management. The deforestation process is expressed in reducing the area under natural vegetation, especially the forest. According to the scientist estimates, during the emergence of agriculture and livestock, forest covered about 62 million square kilometers of land. As a result of 10 thousand years of deforestation, this number has shrunk to 40 million square kilometers, and forest covers up to 30% of Earth. Nowadays deforestation continues at an increasing rate: about 100 thousand square kilometers of woods are destroyed annually. Forests are disappearing in an illegal way, or in order to expand plowing land and harvest timber. The especially threatening situation has developed in the area of tropical forests, especially in countries such as Brazil, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.  You may mention that it is a normal practice to refresh the woods – people cut the old trees and plant the new ones. The main problem is in irresponsible approach – the illegal woodcut – when people do not care about growing new trees.

Acid Rains

The rain and snow can become acid due to the high content of industrial emissions in air. Mainly they are SO2, NO2, HCl, etc. As a result, acid rains hit a layer of soil and water, what leads to the degradation of ecosystems, loss of individual species of fish and other aquatic organisms. The acid rain is particularly common in Western and Northern Europe, the US and Canada, especially near the industrial areas. You may describe the methods of the protection from the acid rains. It may be not only personal protection, but maybe you know how your state cares about different pollutions.

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