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The purpose of our site is to unite people who cannot imagine their lives without travel and good cuisine. We are looking for groups of people who are spiritually close to us. If you are ready to learn the world around you and constantly develop, then join us!

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Incredible stories about travel, the exotic cuisine of different countries from around the world — this is what awaits you on our website. Great travel lovers Rick, Deryl, Glenn, and Carl are ready to share their life hacks for adventure fans and gourmets.

We are ambitious guys who believe that the whole planet is our home. We must not only take care of nature but try to be with it as close as possible. The only way to have a contact with our ‘home’ is to travel. Traveling does not mean sitting in a five-star hotel and spending a lot of money on expensive restaurants. Traveling is an acquaintance with a new culture and people.

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Our articles will radically change your outlook and attitude to life. ‘We will show you how to properly enjoy your life and not regret it. You start living a new life when traveling!’ say co-founders of the website.

You need to prepare more thoroughly before traveling to other countries. Such a great hobby requires not only considerable financial resources but also certain practical skills and abilities. If you do not have travel experience but still want to have an unforgettable adventure, our blog will help you to learn a lot and become an experienced tourist.

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Remember that you live only once. We are so accustomed to postponing our own lives for later. We are constantly trying to do something for the sake of others and trying to please someone. And you can completely forget about your pleasures in this frantic ‘race.’ Remember, there is no better time than ‘right now’ to buy a chocolate bar and tickets to another country. Moreover, travel is not a luxury, but a real necessity. Read our articles and don’t forget that everyone can travel!

Sharing our experience with people who want to know the world around them is a great joy! We will be glad to support you in any adventure!