To Travel or Not to Travel: Let’s Find Opportunities!

We often refuse to travel because there is no money or time, we do not want to take the children with us or do not know with whom to leave our favorite dog. But perhaps the time has come to look for opportunities, not the justifications. Travelers Rick, Deryl, Glenn, and Carl recommend you to leave everything and go on a trip at least once a year.

‘Travel is like a drug. If you try it once, it’s very difficult to stop. You will look for more and more opportunities to move out of your comfort zones. You will need a change of scenery like never before. As for me, I travel a lot, despite the heavy workload. I always try to find enough time for something beautiful. I suppose the habit of traveling provided us with a sense of beauty,’ claims Deryl, one of the co-founders of the website.

Traveling Brings a Palpable Difference in Your Lives

Indeed, traveling broadens your horizons, make you kinder and more communicative; adventures teach you to find a way out of any situation. And the most important thing — travel makes you happier. New impressions give a special attitude to life and teach you to appreciate the little things!

Move out of the Comfort Zone

To move out of the comfort zone is most often difficult and painful because everything that has been usual for us simply disappears. But travel inspires to new deeds and decisions that you would not dare to do in your everyday life.

‘Our heads are full of new impressions and thoughts about countries we have never visited. Now we’re investing money not in buying a new car, but in acquiring knowledge. We have recently enrolled in SEO courses, this will help to improve our blog because now our goal is to be useful and help others to start traveling,’ says Glenn.

Become Smarter

You do not only relax when traveling but also gain useful experience and skills. Your brain starts to work quite differently because everything is new to you. Your brain is like a sponge absorbing information with great speed.

You can always find something to keep yourself busy in any country. You can improve Spanish or learn a new language, enroll in martial arts courses in Thailand, learn how to catch a wave while surfing in Sri Lanka, get a diver’s certificate in Egypt and see the beautiful marine world of the Red Sea.

Travel and Enjoy Your Life

‘New cities and famous works of art, delicious national dishes and fruits, the sound of the sea or the ocean and the singing of birds in the jungle — that’s a reason why a little shiver runs through my body… I understand that I get the greatest pleasure from life when traveling with my friends,’ says Carl.

Traveling Bring People Together

Traveling is a great way to meet new people. If you are a tourist, you will easily find groups of people who follow the same route as you.

‘One of these adventures helped us meet each other and become like-minded people who have common interests and hobbies. We still remember the day and the place of our acquaintance. We met each other at a small restaurant that was quite popular in its district. It had a lot of customers and good staff. This dining establishment was crammed full of tourists that day. And the visitors had to sit down at someone else’s tables because of the lack of vacant seats.

We were trying local cuisine, discussing our extraordinary trips, sharing impressions, laughing about funny things, which so often happen with any tourist. Thanks to this restaurant, we could understand that travels and cooking are things that unite people around the world,’ recalls Rick.

Travel and Generate New Ideas

Moreover, this site is an idea, which was revealed to one of its creators in a vision.

‘From that moment, our life turned beautiful. We continued to communicate with each other in social networks, traveled together and just enjoyed the time we spent. Live for the moment, it’s worth it.

We will publish articles about traveling, cooking and not only. We have created our site with a single goal — to make it a symbol of internationalism and a bright future where there are no barriers between people,’ proudly says Glenn.